Bookkeeping Tips For Small Business Owners

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With the rush of tax season now in the rearview mirror, people are trying their best to get back to business as usual. Every year we talk with multiple business owners who struggled through tax season. Some were too busy to handle the company’s complex return and had to file an extension. While others failed […]

Preparing For Tax Returns

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With April right around the corner, tax preparation has officially started. Many people put off preparing their taxes till the last minute, then scramble to get paperwork submitted. Often times, during these mad dash filings, we tend to forget simple things that could save us money on our returns. When it comes to preparing taxes, […]

Reading Construction Financial Statements

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The first few years in the construction industry  weren’t always the easiest. Landing new jobs, finding good employees, and managing finances were only some of your concerns. Now, with a little more experience under your belt, you’ve learned how to deal with these daily complications a little easier. You’ve discovered a niche in the industry, found […]

3 Benefits Of Construction Accounting Services

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With the current development boom, construction businesses everywhere are scrambling to keep up with demand. During these fast paced times, many companies can let things slip through the cracks. Unpaid invoices, missing time cards, or poor account management are just a few things costing construction companies thousands throughout the year. Because of this problem, and […]

Bookkeeping Tips For Small Business

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Small business owners have a hard time with keeping tabs the many aspects of their business. Where larger companies have the freedom of hiring for individual jobs, most small business owners are running a small crew that have to juggle multiple responsibilities. This can lead to certain important business elements being neglected, potentially costing you […]

3 Ways Bookkeeping Can Help Grow Your Small Business

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You might have read that title and thought to yourself, “Of course a bookkeeper is going to say I need their services.” You are right; but, over the next few paragraphs I’m going to explain how bookkeeping services can have a direct impact on how well your business performs. Setting Goals This one seems a […]

Benefits Of Professional Bookkeeping

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Peace of mind. It’s a phrase that gets tossed around quite a bit in advertising. But, what does it mean? To me, it’s being able to sit and relax on my back deck; not worried about work. Enjoying the warm California nights with a cool drink. What does peace of mind mean to you? As […]