How Do Bill Pay Services Work?

At Executive Resources Financial Services Inc we pride ourselves on offering clients the highest quality financial services at a competitive price. One area of expertise that often gets overlooked is our client bill paying services. If you’ve got some questions about how the bill paying services work, you’re not alone. We find many people don’t know what bill paying services can entail, so in this article we’re going to describe some benefits and what the bill paying services can look like.

What Are Bill Paying Services?

Our bill paying services encompass a wide range, but are primarily used by clients to ensure their month-to-month bills and expenses are paid, reconciled, and reviewed. We monitor client’s business activity and regularly update the client on the status of their accounts and expenses. Think of us as your off-site CFO. We monitor finances and keep accounts running smoothly; alerting you if there’s a problem.

Who Would Benefit From Bill Paying Services?

We’ve worked with engineering companies, private accounts, non profits, construction companies, arborist, you name it. Bill paying services are used for both personal and business accounts. For personal, many people use bill paying services to help minimize time spent tracking and paying bills. This frees up that time for things like travel and family, while giving the client peace of mind that their bills are accounted for. Depending on the client, keeping track of personal bills and accounts can be an overwhelming and disorganized process. Our services help alleviate any unnecessary stress caused by this process. Personal bill paying is also used when someone in the family is suffering from a disability or age related challenge. We work with the family to ensure their loved one’s accounts are monitored and taken care of.

Business owners also utilize bill paying services to keep their finances running smoothly and, more importantly, legally. Executive Resources Financial Services Inc works with business owners to keep track of vital information and regularly reports performance data. From common tasks like managing cash flow or payables, to monitoring more detailed data like sales per customer or job costing; we can help any business maintain healthy financial behavior.

What Are The Benefits of Bill Paying Services?

We utilize top-of-the-line software to document your financial obligations and data in real time. Our services can help keep track of invoicing, workman’s compensation audits, sales per client, job costing, and other variables that impact your business. With our services you get years of expertise and proven small business management skills; along with constant support and contact to update you on the status of your business. We keep you in the loop about where you money is and where it needs to be. We comb through your financial data and let you know where improvements can be made.

If you’ve got questions about bill paying services, or how we could help your personal and business accounts, we’d love a chance to talk with you. We’ve been serving the Northern California area for years with top-quality financial services and would love the opportunity to work with you. Please feel free to fill out our contact form below and we’ll be in touch to get the conversation started.

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